Thinking will kill you.

Lately I’ve been thinking, and I’m convinced it is the best and worst thing a person can do in this world. Of course, thinking has made life wonderful; where would we be without Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, and so many other great thinkers of the past? Thinking can solve problems, create beauty, and even save lives.
But thinking can kill you.

Over-thinking will tear you down. It will slowly strip you layer by layer until you’re naked and exposed to your own mind. People drive themselves mad over-thinking. When I find myself thinking too hard for too long, I become a blank page full of scribbles in black crayon: confusing, bleak, incomprehensible is the very worst way. I believe my best friends despise me, and love to see my walls crumble down around me. I believe I will never find love, that I will always be resented, built up to be torn down. I believe the world would be better without me around.
None of which is true.
But my brain doesn’t know that.
Not always.
It’s as though I’m trapped by my own mind, forced to picture things I never want to picture, contemplate things that send shivers down my spine. What happens when I die? Is there a God? Will that be it?
One of my biggest fears is oblivion, and thinking makes me realize how insignificant I am, which is ironic, seeing as thinking is what made people like Franklin and Da Vinci impossible to forget.
But this leads me to my next point.
Life is NOW.
Don’t spend your life thinking about what comes next. A life spent worrying is a life wasted. Life isn’t going to wait for you. It’s going to go on whether you want it to or not. You will never get these moments back. You will never be 16 again, sitting in the bed of a pickup truck, gazing up at the glittering stars with your three best friends. You can either give up and sit ten feet from the starting line and wait for the race to end, or you can race along with life, and stumble and trip over the bumps in the road to victory, and proudly stand at the finish line and whisper, “I made it.” Don’t let a moment go to waste. Seize this moment, because it won’t happen again. Don’t wait for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure; LIFE is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Go get what you want and don’t wait for it to come to you. Go out and grab it, and hold onto it for dear life. Don’t think. Just do.