The Mason Jar Project, 2013.




This summer, I kept a mason jar with all the fun things I did/happy memories I wanted to remember (AND ONLY HAPPY!). Honestly, I wish I’d written more down. Unfortunately, around mid July I got busy and then eventually just forgot. But then I’d remember and write down what I could.
Today, I read them.
It was amazing.
I read each one and it was bizarre. Some of the more recent ones I remembered quite clearly. Others I’d completely forgotten about. But when I read them, it wasn’t like they were my memories. It was like reading short summaries of someone else’s day. Remembering them felt like a paradox; they seemed like they’d happened years ago, but at the same time, how was that already three months ago? Reading them has made me realize just how much I’ve changed in three months even. It made me realize how much I’ve done.
The last one I read was from when I went to see This Is The End with my friends towards the beginning of the summer (see photo). My (very outgoing) friend Jenna asked a random guy who was obviously on something to put more butter on her popcorn. I freaked out and was horrified but luckily, Jenna survived the almost-poisoning I’d envisioned in my head.
When it happened, it wasn’t something I thought would become a pleasant memory. I was slightly annoyed at the time. But now, I laugh at it. How ridiculous I acted and how random Jenna was, and how hard Madi laughed.
I can never get this summer back, but it was great. The school year has different opportunities for fun, but as much as I enjoyed the beginning of summer, I wish I’d held on to that fervor for the remainder of it. After my second trip to Chicago, I immediately began stressing about school. I wish I hadn’t.
This really has been the best summer of my life. I did more than I ever have in one three-month period as I did this year. And even better, I spent it with some of my favorite people.
I highly suggest The Mason Jar Project. I did it over the summer, but you can do it for anything. Winter break, the school year, heck, just do it over a weekend trip. You’ll be so glad you did. You will look back fondly, and remember the things that made you smile. Keep them for a rainy day when you’re feeling down.
RIP Summer 2013. You will be missed so much.